Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Get Out of Voice Mail Hell

Get out of voice mail hell

If you have ever called a big corporation to get information, report a problem or complain then you will love this website. Almost every business uses voice mail. In fact I am surprised when I can't leave a voice message for the person. As a small business owner I am a big fan of voice mail.

But sometimes the corporate automated voice mail system traps you in voice mail hell. You are asked to answer the questions of a robotic voice or type in your 16 digit account number more than once or be frustrated at listening to all the options only to discover that none of the above apply.

If you want to know how to short cut your way through the corporate voice mail hell - then visit this website to learn the short cuts. This site has compiled a long list of big corporations (mainly in North America) that most of us need to call at some time.

Follow the instructions to talk to a real live person.

I imagine that some of you will feel like having a cigarette after you discover the short cuts on this site on how to get out of voice mail hell.

Here is the site - GetHuman.com

My gift to you. Give em hell.

Isn't the Internet grand?

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