Thursday, June 19, 2008

Customer Service

Customer Service - Is it killing your business?

Your best marketing is good customer service.

Why? Because the purpose of your marketing is to get more clients buying more from you, more often.

You could have a wonderful advertising campaign that brings in eager prospects. But if your customer service is turning them off then all that advertising was wasted money.

How much did you spend on marketing and advertising last year? How much did you spend on customer service training? Customer service is the most important part of the marketing/sales chain. If customer service is your weakest link then you are hemorrhaging lost sales.

Customer service development and training must be an integral part of your marketing plan and action.

Customer service can be that distinguishing feature that attracts clients to your door. Or it could be the fly in the ointment that is secretly killing your business. Which is it? When was the last time that you examined your customer service?

George Torok

Marketing Training

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