Sunday, May 11, 2008

Power Marketing Tips: 03 - Top Ten List

Power Marketing Tips: 03 - Write your Top Ten List

Why should prospects buy from you?

Create a top ten list to answer this question.

Print this list on a postcard or flyer. Publish it on your website or blog. Memorize the list but never say all ten at one time. Tell people one or two then give them the printed list to read on their own. Reading the printed list will be more believable and convincing than you droning on. And very few people can deliver a top ten list as entertaining as Dave Letterman.

For the purpose of credibility, order your list from 1 to 10. If you count down from 10 to 1 like Letterman people will expect the list to be funny but not believable. Number 1 should be your strongest point. Number 10 should be your second strongest.

Top Ten reasons to write your top ten marketing list

1. Clearly presents ten written reasons to buy from you

2. "Top ten" implies that there are more reasons

3. Forces you to identify, organize and clarify your strengths

4. Conveys the credibility of implied research

5. People enjoy reading and quoting top ten lists

6. Works well in a matter-of-fact manner

7. Allows inclusion of weaker points

8. The list can be unrelated concepts

9. It works for Letterman

10. You will blow your competition out of the water

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