Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Marketing: Marvel Comics

Marketing: Marvel Comics

Finally Marvel Comics realized that they could be Marvel Entertainment.

Since 1963 Marvel Comics has created hundreds of heroes and villains and thousands of stories. Finally Marvel has the balls to change - to become an entertainment company.

It is funny that Marvel has been writing about imperfect heroes struggling with their challenges over the last 40 years - and finally Marvel has faced its own challenge to morph into a movie production company. They nearly went bankrupt as a comic book company.
Spiderman, the Hulk, X men, Punisher, Ghost Rider and the Fantastic Four are Marvel heroes that have made it to the movie screen. But Marvel did not dare to make the movies. They didn't see themselves as a movie production company.
With the Iron Man movie Marvel has finally dared to produce a movie. It seems like a good choice. Next out is The Incredible Hulk.

Hurray for Marvel. Their own transition is a good example for any business facing a challenging marketplace.

Nuff said!

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