Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Personal Marketing

Personal Marketing

What is personal marketing?
Personal marketing means making your marketing more personal – connecting better with people. Personal is about people.

Why should you be more personal in your marketing programs?
Connecting with people is the most powerful form of marketing that you can do. When you tap into the personal connection you have a loyal client.

What is the magic of personal marketing?
Personal marketing is about touching personal emotions and emtions defeat logic.

Is there anything better than personal marketing?
I don’t think so. What chance could impersonal marketing have against personal marketing?

Give us examples of personal marketing strategies.
Personal marketing includes building relationships, building trust, and connecting with people.

Give us examples of personal marketing techniques.
Know and use personal names. Say thank you. Say congratulations. Use personal testimonials. Talk directly to individuals not target groups.

What word is most important in personal marketing?
When writing marketing and sales copy the most personal word you should use is “you”. Talk directly to your readers or listeners not about them and certainly about yourself.

Give us an example of personal marketing.
Hillary Clinton shedding a tear - that was personal. That demonstrated that the message was personal – direct from her to the listener. You don’t need to shed a tear every time – but you need to make it personal. You need to connect with your listener.

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Marketing Speaker

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