Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Marketing Tune Up

Time for your Marketing Tune Up

All machines need regular maintenance. That keeps them reliable, predictable and cost effective. A machine is simply a set of tools and systems working together. Your marketing should run like a dependable machine.

I suggest that you tune-up your marketing at least once a year. If you do that you will save money and improve the performance of the machine. If your marketing machine is running ineffectively or inefficiently your business will cough, stall or worse, break down.

If you are overdue for your marketing tune-up don’t be embarrassed, just hurry up and get tested. You’ll feel much better after. And your business will thank you. Read on to get started with your marketing tune-up. For more help visit www.MarketingTuneUp.ca.
Read the rest of this article in April's edition of Enterprise Magazine.

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