Thursday, April 24, 2008

Make the Emotional Sale

Make the Emotional Sale

Time for new running shoes.

I’m a runner. I have completed a couple marathons and several half and ¾ marathons. As you might imagine my running shoes are important to me. I want them to fit right, feel right and provide good cushion for my middle-aged knees

It’s not that I care much about the running shoes. I care about minimizing the aches and pains of my body and maximizing my ability to keep running.

Those two goals depend a lot on my running shoes. So the running shoes are a means to an end.

I have been buying my shoes from the Running Room for that last several years because they meet my emotional needs along with my physical needs.

The Running Room is not perfect. Recently I had to wait over one week for my shoes to arrive. And when they arrived the voice message stated that I had three days to claim my shoes. That implied threat annoyed me. I wait over a week and they are only willing to wait three days?

The sales person made the save on their behalf.

She helped me try on the shoes. And she noticed that I liked them tight. She watched how I tested the shoes. Then she commented on how I might keep them tight. I asked her to explain – so she demonstrated.

I tried the shoes again after using her tip and felt much better about the fit. And I left thinking that I had just discovered a new secret that would help my runs.

Most importantly I felt good about my shoes feeling right and continuing my running.

Her attention to my individual needs enabled her to offer me more value with her simple tip on tying my shoes differently. I left the store feeling special.

And I never asked the price of the shoes. When the price registered at over $150 I just automatically paid it.

Price doesn’t matter when your customer is emotionally satisfied.

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rmmmarketing said...

Hello George.

Costumers choose with heart, and we need to be more human to see that.

Have a nice weekend.