Thursday, April 24, 2008

Iron Man

Iron Man - the latest movie from Marvel Comics

Watch the trailer. It looks sharp. Looks like Marvel has successfully made the transition from comic book producer to movie producer. Several Marvel Comics have been transformed into movies but this is the first movie that Marvel had produced since they decided that they could do it themselves. (It's always enlightning to watch a child grow up.) Can you guess the name of the theme song for the Iron Man movie? Hint: The band is Black Sabbath.

The Iron Man movie looks like it is first class. But what is truly impressive is the cross promotion with Audi. Watch for more about this marketing collaboration in future posts on this blog.

My interest in the Iron Man movie is as a marketer and as a Marvel Comics fan. I have more than a few Iron Man comics in my basement. So I will be watching the movie for accuracy. If your question is, "Who and what is Iron Man?" The short answer is, "Iron Man is a high tech version of Batman."

Comics fans will enjoy this comic database site.

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