Tuesday, March 04, 2008

February is Gone

February is a Funny Month for Marketing

We made it through February again. On a personal level it can be a strange month. In the northern hemisphere winter usually rebounds after some “warm” days in January. We get fooled into thinking spring is close.

On a business level we are into the second month of our business plan. We might be wondering what the New Year will look like. It’s early in the year so we might be both optimistic and uncertain.

From a marketing standpoint we are well past the Christmas crush, the New Year’s specials and the Super Bowl celebration.

A ton of money has been spent in the last two months and most folks are just hyped out.

So February seems to sneak by most marketers. February 2, Ground Hog day gets little attention. Valentines Day is a surge for flowers and lingerie. Presidents’ Day in the USA gets some attention. The newly established “Family Day” in Ontario, Canada attracted more whine then celebration. And Leap Day was almost unnoticed – except for those born on February 29.

Yep – it’s hard to get excited about February. No problem – it’s gone.

Say hello to March!

Now March is more promising. Snow is melting,. Easter is immanent and spring is just around the corner. Schools are celebrating with March break. St. Patrick’s Day is becoming with green beer. The Ides of March bring out the Shakespeare scholar wannabes.

And of course if March doesn’t work out there is always April.

Seize the month!

George Torok
Power Marketing

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