Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Danger - marketing can be fun

Power Marketing Tips 01 - relaunch 2008

If you were a past subscriber of my Power Marketing Tips then now is the time to resubscribe. Today the new version was launched. It has s new simple look and more importantly it will publish every two weeks. So you can count on regular marketing help. Below is an excerpt from the first issue.

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Marketing can be fun - but don't be fooled by that aspect

Marketing can be fun or it can be boring. In either case it is the results that count not your enjoyment level. You should enjoy your business but don't judge the value of your business investments on your enjoyment. Creating new ideas and holding special events can be fun. However the boring side of marketing might pay off more for you in the long run. Evaluate your marketing investments by examining your return on investment.

Base your marketing on systems.
Marketing systems will pay off greater than marketing madness. Systems are a means to an end. The system is not the end. Therefore create the system, refine the system and automate the system - but focus on the end.

A system is composed of three things:
1. It is based on a principle.
2. It is a process.
3. It must be persistent and consistent.

Systems are not feel-good whims. They are planned, methodical and regular.

Apply this three-step processes to summarize your marketing systems:

Every time (event) happens I do (action).
I do this because (principle).
The results are ____________

To ensure that the boring things happen consistently you can automate using technology, delegate to staff or outsource to a service provider.

Keep on marketing - especially when it is boring.

George Torok

Power Marketing

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