Friday, March 14, 2008

Code Talkers

Code Talkers - Deceivers

Have you noticed that some (many) companies talk in code?

They say things that make you shake your head and think - "What the hell was that about?"

Why do you think those companies do that?

My theory is that they belong to one of the following three categories:

1. They don't know any better. They are just plain ignorant. (But could be educated)

2. They are deceitful and greedy. They say things they don't mean because they want the sale. (At least you know where they stand.)

3. Combination. They don't know and don't care. (This is the worst type.)

Here is an good example of code talking. I found this text on a website. The name of the company has been changed to XXX. Go ahead and read this statement and then decide how you feel.

Do you understand what they do?
Do you want to join them?
Would you recommend this company to your best friend?


XXX is committed to becoming the largest Distributor based company in the world. Our emphasis is on being a responsible, innovative business partner providing real wholesale value on each product we sell and at the same time offer an up front income opportunity that far exceeds the conventional methods. We believe ultimately that this new Wave in the ever developing world of network marketing is the future and our commitment is to continue to stay light years ahead of any of the followers.

So what the hell does that mean?

What did they promise?

What can you count on?

And how many "light years"?

Yep - people and companies do say stupid things.

George Torok

Power Marketing Tips

Marketing Speaker

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