Monday, February 11, 2008

Marketing Your Service Value

Marketing your Service Value

Marketing should demonstrate value especially when you offer a service. Don't make the mistake of thinking that value is based on cost. If that was the case we would pay pennies for a cup of coffee.

Business is about exchanging value. That value is measured by the return on that investment. In other words value is best illustrated by what is in it for the buyer. Sustainable business is based on the ongoing exchange of value.

Bad business is about taking. Actually – that could be labeled as theft. Yet, have you noticed that some people want to take from you. They don’t want to pay for the value. If often happens in the service business. When you offer a service to unappreciative prospects they might object with, “Why is your price so high? It doesn’t cost you that much.” Try that approach the next time you order a latte from Starbucks.

However this objection is common when selling a service. Why? Because your prospect does not understand and appreciate the value of what you offer.

If your clients are asking you to reduce your service fees – they don’t appreciate the value of your service. If someone tries to steal from you – you can’t blame them - they might only be testing. If you let someone steal from you – you are the fool.

When someone tries to steal from you – tell them your price and stick to it. If they are serious, they will buy, if not they will move on and stop wasting your time.

George Torok

Personal Marketing

Marketing Speaker

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