Saturday, February 02, 2008

Ground Hog Day

Ground Hog Day - Feb 2

Ground Hog Day is one of those days that you might leverage to promote your business. Hold a special event, promotion or sale for ground hog day.

Years ago I decided to mail a Ground Hog Day post card to my database. That included clients, prospects and media contacts.

I ordered 500 Ground Hog day postcards from Wiarton, Ontario - the home of Wiarton Willie. The postcards arrived in November and I handwrote them over the Christmas holidays. On January 15 I dropped them into the mailbox.

I had hand addressed all 500 postcards with the message, "Willie predicts a great year, George Torok."

Willie died just before Ground Hog Day. He was 14 and for a ground hog that was like 90 in human years.

Because of that post card I got media coverage and business. The point for you is that if you do the right things it will pay off, never how you think or when you expect it.

George Torok

Boston Globe
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