Sunday, January 06, 2008

MBA Games 2008 DeGroote

MBA Games 2008 DeGroote

The MBA Games for 2008 was held last week at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

The MBA Games is an annual national competition for MBA students from Canadian business schools. It was started about 20 years ago by Queens University in Kingston, Ontario. The MBA Games challenges MBA students to compete on several levels – academically, athletically and on the basis of spirit. In addition they face the challenges of team work, performance pressure and social distraction.

My congratulations to all the participants in the MBA Games competition!

The Michael DeGroote, (MGD), school of business at McMaster University was the host for the 2008 MBA Games.

As a McMaster graduate I was delighted to participate in the MBA Games in three capacities.

1. I was a judge for the Marketing competition. (will talk more about this in lator posts)
2. I was a sponsor by donating 56 copies of my book, Secrets of Power Marketing to each of the participants in the Marketing Competition.
3. I was a keynote speaker for the closing ceremonies.

Invitation to 2008 MBA Games Participants
I invite the 2008 MBA Games participants to offer their comments on this blog about their experience. I extend a special invitation to the participants in the Marketing Case competition to comment about my book, Secrets of Power Marketing.

George Torok

Keynote Speaker

Co-author of Secrets of Power Marketing

Graduate of McMaster University

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