Thursday, January 31, 2008

Marketing Blog Milestone: Post 200

Marketing Blog Milestone: Post 200

200 Posts on this blog!

Celebrate your milestones!

Your milestones are a reason to pat yourself on the back and it’s a reason to market.

This is Marketing Blog Post 200. That’s reason to celebrate – even if that means quietly sipping some fine brandy in my easy chair.

Two hundred of anything is worth celebrating. What milestones have you reached or are approaching? Do something to let folks know. Why? Because everyone loves a party and everyone wants to associate with winners.

If you were here since the beginning – thank you for your loyalty. And of course you read many insightful marketing ideas and tips.

If you joined us along the way then you might appreciate this list of high points of our marketing blog. Look back at the provocative and helpful marketing gems.

Post Alpha
January 1, 2006
A realization hit me. Blogs might be a good marketing thing. This was the start of my blogging. At last count I have at least five four active blogs. This from a guy who thought blogs were a waste of time.

Aspirin – relief from pain
April 13, 2006
We take aspirin or equivalent when it hurts. We seek a solution when the pain or threat of more pain is enough to move us to change. Have you noticed that the changes you make in your life are more often the result of pain than anything else?

Harry Houdini – the great brand
November 16, 2006
The first look at the power of branding – especially personal branding as demonstrated by Escape artist – Harry Houdini.

Travelodge Hotel Accuses you
January 28, 2007
One of several exposés of really bad customer service.

Over 100 Posts
February 23 2007
We failed to flag the 100th post so this post was the recognition of passing that milestone.

Flick Off: Powerful Viral Marketing
April 26, 2007
Out first embrace of controversial viral marketing by acknowledging the strengths of the controversial Flick Off campaign. This post led to posts about Mac’s convenience stores and their Bloody Zit and WTF Nun poster. Also had a few media interviews about this topic.

Richard Branson has Chahones
October 8, 2007
Our first nude photo on this blog. Might be the only one. It’s Richard Branson running through the surf covering his chahones. He's a great marketer. And yes he has billionare sized chahones.

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