Thursday, January 17, 2008

Google - King of Internet Marketing

Google - King of Internet Marketing

No question! Google is King of marketing on the Internet. If you want to be found you better be found in Google. That includes both pay for click and search engine optimization.

Start your year by Googling all the words and phrases that might be important to your business.

For example those words might include:

Your name
Your product names
The generic name for your product
The pain or problem that your product fixes
Your trade marks
Your slogan
Your competitors’ names
Your competitor’s product names
Your competitors’ trade marks
Misspellings of the above
Your industry + the word “expert”
Your industry + the name of your city or geographic area of business
The names of your best clients
The names of your key suppliers

Study the results and look for patterns, insights and opportunities.

Google is the King of Internet Marketing – but Google is also a servant King. Ask the right questions and it will answer. But first you got to ask and then listen.

George Torok

Marketing Expert

Personal Marketing

Marketing Speaker for Conferences

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