Sunday, December 23, 2007

Marketing: You are being watched

You are being watched

Hello. If you work in customer service you are being scrutinized. You are being examined and your business is being judged. Perhaps you don’t own the business but it is still being judged based on your performance.

If you own the business are you aware of how your staff influences the perception of your business?

It’s the little things that annoy or delight your customers.

Consider these experiences on a recent ski trip to Ellicottville, New York.

Most of the chair-lift attendants cleaned the seats of snow – yet some ignored the snow covered seats. That few left us with wet bottoms. It only takes one or a few to make the experience a bad one. Do you know how annoying a cold wet bottom is?

As we paid for our onion soup the cashier pointed out that we could have bread with our onion soup. She was so good that she walked over and reminded the guy at the soup station to put out some bread. We were delighted to have her speak on our behalf. Then we waited several minutes as he wrestled with the plastic wrap before he finally sliced several pieces of French bread. Mean while our onion soup was getting cold. And he didn’t apologize for his slow service.

It was billed as the most popular place in town – so we dropped in for a beer. We sat at the bar and ordered a beer. While sitting there we examined the menu and decided that we would eat dinner here. We told the bar tender that we would eat and would move to a booth. Instead of thanking us for our business he rolled his eyeballs. I guess we inconvenienced him.

Imagine that – customers annoying the customer-service staff.

George Torok

Marketing Systems

Motivational Speaker

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