Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Guilt

Christmas Guilt

How much money did you spend this Christmas? And how much of that Christmas spending is the result of your guilt? And of the gifts you receive how much of that will be the result of guilt?

We would like to think that Christmas is a time of love and peace-on-earth wishes. There is no question that those thoughts are present. However I believe they are the not the drivers of the Christmas season. Guilt is.

From a business perspective, the Christmas season is about shopping. Most retail businesses count on the Christmas shopping season to make or break their year. And that retail success spills over to manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, logistics providers, advertisers, hospitality…

Even the church counts on your guilt to attend their Christmas service and your Christmas contribution. How many “good Christians” do you know who attend church once a year – at Christmas because of guilt?

In today’s economy if there was no mad frenzy of shopping there would be no Christmas for many businesses and their staff. Instead there would be massive layoffs and bankruptcies.

So guilt is good for the economy. If you are still feeling guilty – spend more money. The stronger your guilt – the more you should spend. Have you ever wondered why the Mafia are so extravagant for their rival’s funerals? The one who bought the biggest flower arrangement must have been the one who whacked the deceased.

The marketing lesson is that guilt is a powerful motivator.

How can you use guilt to your marketing advantage?

George Torok

Marketing Expert

Motivational Speaker

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