Friday, November 23, 2007

Testimonial Power - The Economist

Testimonial Power – The Economist

Client testimonials rock! They are one of the most powerful marketing tools you can use. If you aren’t using them – why not? If your excuse is that you don’t have client testimonials perhaps there’s a big problem with your service.

If you have great service but don’t know how to collect client testimonials then we can discuss that in a future post. In the mean time here is a powerful testimonial that you might enjoy for The Economist magazine from the king of the world. No, not James Cameron – the real king, the guy with the most money.

The Economist

“The magazine I spend most of my days reading.”
Bill Gates, Chairman and Founder Microsoft

It’s a great testimonial for a few reasons:

Everyone knows Bill Gates.
Bill Gates is respected for his business acumen.
Bill Gates is a very successful business person.
Bill Gates is considered a global leader.
The people who are inclined to read The Economist magazine would likely be interested and influenced by what Bill Gates says.

First, my congratulation to The Economist for continuing to publish a first class, no – world class publication. I have read it for years.

And second congratulations for obtaining such a powerful client testimonial.

Now let’s be clear – The Economist did not pay Bill Gates for his testimonial. He is neither an entertainer nor athlete eager to shill for the highest bidder. This is his honest opinion given freely. That’s why client testimonials are so powerful and why they are better than paid celebrity endorsements. Don’t tell Nike that. Somebody might get fired. And they might save millions.

So why is this testimonial from Bill Gates so effective for The Economist?

Because The Economist is similar to Bill Gates. The Economist is respected for business acumen, is very successful and is a global leader. The Economist couldn’t have found a better spokesperson.

What is the message of the testimonial? If you want to be successful like Bill Gates – read what Bill Gates reads – The Economist.

And the secondary message is – if you want Bill Gates to notice what you are doing or saying – put it in The Economist.

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