Friday, November 02, 2007

Personal Marketing is Profitable Marketing

Personal Marketing is Profitable Marketing

How personal is your marketing?

Why is personal marketing important to you? Because personal marketing translates into profitable business. It is more profitable because you spend less on mass marketing and get a higher revenue from your target customers.

Personal marketing means connecting with the person. How do you do that?

Smiles, friendly greetings, using their name

Build stronger relationships

Say thank you and congratulations

Helping vs selling

Not hiding behind corporate mission, policy, titles, hierarchy or protocol

Collect and use client testimonials

Write and send note cards and post cards

Direct contact

Treat staff like people

Treat customers like guests

Study and understand the values of your target market

Make your marketing more personal and more profitable.

George Torok

Personal Marketing

Motivational Speaker

Corporate Spokesperson

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Rafael Mauricio menshhein said...

Good evening.

Great article!
Personal marketing is about to be yourself and be your own leader, so you can help the other people, teach and learn more and more every day of your life.

Thank you for sharing with us this article, have a nice week.