Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Enterprise: Is it Safe?

Enterprise: Is it Safe?

How well are you addressing this question for your clients? Perhaps you seldom hear this question however it is often on the mind of your clients. They want to know: “Is it safe to use your product? Is it safe to deal with your company? Is it safe to buy from you?

Security is an operational issue. Feeling safe is a fundamental marketing issue. It’s one thing for the engineers and technicians to design and create a secure system. It’s quite another thing if your clients don’t feel safe about it.

The technical side of security is logic based. Feeling safe is an emotional state that is influenced by perception. And perception is based on our perspective and emotional state. Perspective is based on a mix of: purpose, experiences, knowledge, ability and risk tolerance.

Perspective and emotions are constantly changing. That’s the challenge for you. Feeling safe is a gray zone and it is relative. At one time a secure world meant that the USA had thousands of ICBMs pointed at the USSR while the USSR pointed back with their horde of nuclear daggers. Today a lone suicide bomber can make us feel unsafe. You might feel safe in your home until there is a break-in. Depending on what has happened recently in your favourite vacation spot you might feel safe or unsafe about visiting. Feeling safe often has little to do with security.


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