Monday, October 08, 2007

Richard Branson has Chahones

Richard Branson has Chahones

Richard Branson has chahones and he likes to show them off. Here he is running nude in the waves. Sir Richard thrives on challenge and controversy. He is the billionaire that has retained or reclaimed the boldness and brashness of a teenager. (How many boomers remember streaking?)

He is a billionaire so he is worth studying. The question is, “Is he a billionaire because of his antics or is does he partake in his antics because of his billions?”

Perhaps it is a bit of both.

So what controversial stunts has Richard Branson committed?

Running nude from the ocean surf
Supporting the Ontario government Flick Off campaign
Parachuting into the city
Posing in a wedding dress

As a corporate spokesperson Branson is superb. As a corporate brand he is invaluable. The Virgin companies do not need to hire celebrity spokespersons because Branson is a celebrity. Whatever Branson does gets noticed because Branson does things that get noticed.

Sir Richard has chahones. How many corporate CEOs can stake that claim?

George Torok


Anonymous said...

Rich or not, naked or not, Sir Richard is hot.

Anonymous said...

That smile on his face says it all. he loves life and lives it to the fullest.It doesn't hurt that hes hot as hell..

Mr Nice said...

Strange...that "bird" has a serious case of "gone-ass". He has none.