Wednesday, October 31, 2007

More Yellow Pages Ads Mistakes

More Mistakes in Yellow Page Ads

Yellow page advertising seems to generate a lot of mistakes. Why?

My guess is that it is because of the way many business owners think about their yellow page ad. They believe that they must be in the yellow pages because the competition is there. They believe yellow page advertising costs way too much. They’re not sure how well (or even if) its working. Yet they invest so little in measuring, analyzing, planning and designing their yellow page ad.

Every time the Yellow page ad sales rep comes to visit the business owner just can’t say no and doesn’t know the right questions to ask. The Yellow page ad rep intimidates the business owner by offering options like color, sizes, outlines… The Yellow page ad rep doesn’t help the business owner create a better ad. The rep simply pressures the buisiness owner to buy a Yellow pages ad.

Here are more of the sins that I discovered in the Yellow page ads:

Centering text
Including company logo
Including useless images (most are useless)
Including useless photos (most are useless)
Including photos of staff or founder (a special category of useless photo)
Background Shading
Background images
Too many different fonts
Using decorative fonts
Putting “Sales and Service at the top”
The business name in the largest font
Trying to reach more than one market
Print too small
Too much text
Using all caps for anything other then business name
Too many boxes within the ad
Using the word ‘quality’
Association member logos – other than BBB
No call to action
Credit card images (doesn’t everybody take them?)

George Torok
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