Thursday, October 18, 2007

Intimidate Your Competition

Intimidate Your Competition

Why should you intimidate your competition?
You probably recognize that in war or sports it is a good idea to intimidate your competition. Why? Because if your competition is afraid of you – you have already won.

In his 3,000 year old classic book, The Art of War, Sun Tse pointed out, “All battles are won before they are fought.”

I believe that Sun Tse was right. I believe that he was talking about purpose, preparation, and positioning. Each of those are important and we can discuss in future posts.

Watch this video of the New Zealand rugby team, All Blacks, as they intimidate their competition before the game. Imagine if you are the competition standing at the other end of the field watching this Haka dance that is clearly delivered to intimidate you? If you didn’t visit the bathroom before entering the field I bet you will want to run off the field to change your pants after being subjected to this intimidation.

Intimidation is about creating fear, uncertainty or doubts.

In any competition that is all it takes to lose a battle, a game or a sale.

Business is clearly a competition. It is never about playing fair. It is about winning. Are you intimidated by your competition or are you intimidating them? If you are not imtimidating your competition - why not?

Stop being intimidated – start intimidating! Start winning more.

Intimidate more!

George Torok

Power Marketing

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