Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Proof Reading Tips from Daphne

Every good marketer needs a good proofreader. Enjoy these proofreading tips from the creator of Perfect Edit.


Daphne's tips for proofreading your work:

Read it aloud and also silently but always slowly.
Read it backwards to focus on spelling.
Use a spellchecker, but don't depend on it.
Point with your finger to read one word at a time.
Don't proof every type of mistake at once - proof at separate intervals for spelling, grammar, consistency of word usage, etc.
Make a 'to-do' list of things to watch for as you edit.
Double check little words, they are often interchanged - e.g. or, of, it, and is.
Don't use fluorescent lighting while proofing.
Listen to music while you work!

Daphne at Perfect Edit

Only a fool proofreads his own work.

Don't be a fool. contact Daphne at Perfect Edit for your written materials. Sometimes I try to save time by bypassing my proofreader - and that is when you will find errors in my material. Silly me.

George Torok
Marketing Coach
Co-author of Secrets of Power Marketing

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