Friday, August 31, 2007

Canadian Marketing Expert

Canadian Marketing Expert

I’m Canadian and I’m proud of it. And yes my expertise is marketing. Does that surprise you? I’ve been called a marketing expert by both Canadian and international media. They label me as a marketing expert but never as a “Canadian marketing expert”. Interesting.

My book, Secrets of Power Marketing, became a Canadian bestseller within the first six months of publication. That is good for Canadian business. The book is published in at least seven countries at last count. That is good news for marketers around the world.

There’s nothing wrong with being a Canadian marketing expert. In fact there might be an advantage to being a Canadian marketer.

Americans have been accused of being the capitalist pigs of the planet. No question American entrepreneurs have shaped the past millennium – especially the likes of Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, Sam Walton and Bill Gates.

It’s been suggested that Canadians have an understanding of the American way of business – fast paced, edgy and short term focused.

The further east you go on the planet the longer the planning seems to be focused. Whereas Americans seemed to be focused on current quarter profits the Japanese are reputed to plan 50 years out.

Canadians are strongly influenced by our American neighbours, (Canadian spelling). And Canadians do tend to better understand and appreciate the perspective of other cultures. The USA has always been known as the melting pot for its citizens. Make everyone the same. Canada is proud of its cultural mosaic. Try to understand and respect the differences. Neither system is perfect but it does lead to different approaches to dealing with people and business.

In Europe, Africa and Asia Canadians are often seen as a kinder gentler American.

Marketing principles are the same around the world. Why? Because there are some undeniable fundamentals about human nature. Marketing tactics will definitely vary around the world because of different cultures, language and religion. Tactics vary within a country depending on the target group.

When I speak to Canadian audiences about marketing they often ask me if I am American. I guess that is because as a marketing expert I am often too edgy for Canadians. When I speak in the USA they always know that I am Canadian. (No I don’t say “eh”)

So yes, I’m Canadian. And yes I’m known as a marketing expert. And I see nothing wrong with that combination.

George Torok
Canadian Marketing Expert
Co-author of Secrets of Power Marketing
Member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers
Member of the Canadian Professional Sales Association

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Rafael said...

Some people thinks the marketing its unique.
Yestarday I heard "your marketing blog is different" and I have proud of this, beacuse I am a Brazilian student and learn with your blog.
Marketing is a science, and we got many ways to do marketing, but tha people do not think "out of the box" and do not understand what the other says.
There is a Canadian way, a Brazilian way, a Germany way and respective markets to act.

George Torok said...

Hi Rafael,

Always nice to hear from you.

Yes the best marketers learn from other industries and other cultures.

Congrats on your Brazilian marketing blob.