Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bring Back the Brand

Brand Come Back

Bring back the brand. Is that a good choice? Here is an intriguing news article about the planned come back of the brand Pony shoes.

I was interviewed by Jennifer Davies of The San Diego Union Tribune for this article about the planned come back of Pony shoes.

Pony sneaker brand seeks a return to its glory days
By Jennifer Davies

August 12, 2007

The comeback is a central theme in American life. Celebrities stage comebacks all the time, as do disgraced politicians and injured athletes.

Is it possible for a brand to do the same?

That's the key question for Pony, the once-hot sneaker brand that in its heyday counted Pelé, Dan Marino and Muhammad Ali among its stable of celebrity endorsers.
The Pony brand, which has bounced around between owners since the late 1970s, was recently bought by Infinity Associates, an investment group that previously acquired Converse Inc. in 2001.
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Jennifer Davies of the San Diego Union Tribune has written a helpful article about the challenges of bringing back a brand.

From what I heard, Pony is too broad in their brand resurrection. Bringing back an old brand is more successful when the new brand is focused. It seemed to me that Pony was too wide with their brand resurrection. Pony seemed to be targeting casual, fitness and teens. There is little in common among those diverse groups.

George Torok
Brand Specialist

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Dr. Wright said...

DE Laurean cars are coming back to
starting at about $47k. I think any beloved brand can come back if they improve on it and are clear about the target market.