Sunday, May 06, 2007

Marketing for Your Career

Marketing is not just for business owners and marketing departments. Regular working folks need to market themselves. And don't wait till you are out of a job to start marketing yourself.

Marketing oneself should be an integral part of every employee’s career development plan. Sometimes it is not just for career development but also job sustainability. Yes, you need to be marketing yourself and your value just to hang on to your job.

The purpose of your internal marketing is to demonstrate your value and your efforts to increase your value. Here are a few ideas on how you can market yourself within your company:

Volunteer to train staff.

Volunteer to be part of testing or implementing new technology.

When you read a good business book, recommend it to your boss and colleagues.

When you complete a course or seminar send a copy of the certificate to your boss.
Interview the CEO for an article in the corporate newsletter.

Take leadership roles in your professional association and give the boss a copy of your association newsletter.

Stop griping and avoid the whiners and complainers. (You are who you associate with.)

At least once a month go above and beyond the call of duty.

The above came as the result of being interviewed by my colleague, Sharon Bar David. She is a specialist in employee resilience. Learn more about Sharon Bar David and resilience at her blog.

George Torok
Personal Marketing Expert


Rafael Mauricio Menshhein said...

Excellent post.
I believe that you makes marketing every time, because you talk with people, send mail, listen, wear clothes and have some behavior to be yourself.

George Torok said...


Thanks for your post.

You bring up some good points. On the topic of clothes, the book, Dress for Success, still applies today.

We judge you on how you look.

George Torok