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Marketing Defintions

Marketing Definitions

Marketing is about sending messages. Everything you do or don’t do sends a marketing message.

Permission marketing
This term was made famous by Seth Godin. The opposite of permission marketing is interruption marketing – which according to Seth has been the standard marketing practice of the past century. Permission marketing means asking before you speak.

Social marketing
Social marketing (also called cause marketing) has been around for decades. It breaks down into two versions; business marketing that piggy backs on a social issue and marketing to promote a social issue. Some of the issues include the environment, equal rights, poverty, animal rights, community, children, health…

Network marketing
Network marketing was the renaming of multilevel marketing made famous by Amway. What was once called multilevel marketing became network marketing. It has nothing to do with networking. And they keep changing the term to ward off the stigma that seems to quickly attach itself. It’s called something else now.

Marketing research
Marketing research is the high priced label given to the task of finding out what people really want and what do about it. It means asking good questions, listening and taking notes.

Marketing guru
Someone who wrote a book or few about marketing and charges you a lot of money to tell you what to do with your marketing. If you invested enough time and thought you would probably figure it out on your own.

Marketing company
Usually just an advertising agency. They used to proudly call themselves ad agencies. Maybe they want to feel and project more value with the marketing label. They still create and sell you ads. Some of them help you get media exposure. Usually called PR firms. (Public relations)

Viral marketing
Cool name. Like a virus – it has a life of its own. It means marketing that others do for you. Read the post about the Flick Off campaign for a good example.

Guerilla marketing
A term made famous by Jay Conrad Levinson. The idea is based on guerilla warfare – when a force that is inferior in size and resources can beat a vastly superior opponent with the use of creativity, flexibility and focus.

Monkey marketing
If gorillas can market then why not monkeys? Some folks market like monkeys – just screeching and moving on when they get bored.

Amoeba marketing
Strip away the nonsense and follow the simple basics. What could be simpler than an amoeba?

Online marketing
Marketing online is any marketing that you do on the Internet.

Offline marketing
Offline marketing is everything else.

Offside marketing
Happens with the marketing department gets out of control and chases marketing awards instead of focussing on the business needs. Should be a firing offense. Just ask Donald Trump.

Marketing department
In many corporations they are composed of graphic designers who create and/or buy ads.

Marketing budget
Often a number you are too embarrassed to reveal. (Unless you are Coke or Nike)

Marketing degree
Sometimes just a worthless piece of paper, unless you want to work in a marketing department or for a marketing company. (See above definitions) Also valuable to help you become a marketing professor – so you can teach the same useless stuff to others.

George Torok
Marketing author


Amway and Quixtar - an opportunity for anyone said...

As a supposed "marketing expert" it's astounding you could claim MLM or Network Marketing has "nothing to do with networking"!!!!

Unless you mean computer networking then you are completely wrong. MLM/NWM has *everything* to do with networking. That's how a business is built. When building an organization you are looking for leaders, and those leaders are rarely someone you know personally. How do you find them? Network Network Network.

Get the Facts - The Truth About Amway and Quixtar

George Torok said...

Dear ????, (Didn't catch your name)

thanks for your comment.

I agree that my post was controversial and you might also agree that AMWAY is often controversial. However, AMWAY is extremely successful. No question. They started a unique business model that has been copied by others.

My observation is that the label "Network Marketing" was an attempt to put a kinder, gentler face on the "multi-level marketing" game.

Thanks also for the interesting link to "The Facts" site.

Curious that both you and the site do not disclose names of the authors. If these are the facts, why are you hiding?

I found this paragraph on that site:

"Facts about Amway and Quixtar
When investigating any opportunity, it's important to be able to separate fact from opinion. You can never be sure of the validity of a person's opinion, particularly when the person is some anonymous internet poster! Facts, however, are facts. Here's some facts you should think about when determining whether this business is legitimate or not."

Thanks again for you interest
George Torok

Rafael Mauricio Menshhein said...

Somtimes people makes speed marketing, when they don´t understand the market, don´t make researches and forget the costumers.
When you need to make marketing, you have to understand what kind of messages people want to recieve, what words attract they and make the relationship works better.