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Networking: Six Degrees of Separation

Networking: Six degrees of separation

Networking is a powerful way to build your business, find your next career opportunity or advance your cause. Perhaps you heard that advice and wondered “why?” Effective networking is a system. And a good system is a process of activities and skills based on key principles.

The first principle of networking is The Six degrees of Separation. If you understand this principle then you might invest more in your networking.

The Six Degrees of Separation
This concept says that each of us is separated from any other person by no more than six degrees of separation. In other words, you would only need six introductions to meet anyone you wanted to meet. In fact you might be suprised at how close you are to those you want to meet - maybe just one or two introductions away!

So when you attend a networking event – its not about who is in the room. It is about who the people in the room are connected with. Who is in their network? So before you write a new contact off as a loser – consider who they might be connected with in their network.

Who do you know that knows someone who knows someone?

This works best if you make a list of the names of people you know and a list of the names or descriptions of the people that you want to know.

Not sure of what I mean?
Well consider these examples. Review your own position and connections and extrapolate.

A colleague of mine is a friend of former US President, Bill Clinton who knows…

I interviewed and had lunch with a man who once worked with Picasso.

A good friend of mine received the Order of Canada from former Governor General, Adrian Clarkson, who must have met the Queen of England, among other distinguished heads of state.

Another colleague is a good friend of Elton John’s significant other and attended the wedding.

A friend and colleague is a MP in Canada’s parliament, and must know the Prime Minister, who knows…

As a business author I have met and connected with many other authors including Jack Canfield, Harvey Mackay, Robin Sharma, Brian Tracy, Peter Drucker, Jim Clemmer, Peter Urs Bender, David Chilton, who know …

I have corresponded with George Cohon, Senior Chairman of MacDonalds Canada and Russia, who knows, Ray Croc and Mikhail Gorbechev who know…

As a member of the chamber of commerce I could connect with chamber members in other regions around the world.

As a Toastmaster, I am connected with 200,000 Toastmasters around the world. My articles have appeared often in the magazine.

I offer these examples – not to brag – but to encourage you to examine and exploit your own connections. Whoever you need and want to meet you can – if you explore and leverage your network.

Who is in your network? Who are they connected to? How will you make sure that you leverage your networking?

Networking is not about who you know. It is about who they also know that know…

George Torok
Author of “Your Guide to Networking Success

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Rafael Mauricio Menshhein said...

When you got a great network you can learn, teach and find the answers.
Every day we are working, talking with people and making the networks work.