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Marketing Insights from George Torok

Marketing Insights from George Torok

George Torok is a marketing speaker, trainer and executive consultant. Enjoy this sampling of pithy insights from his speaking, training and consulting programs. He delivers motivational speeches, practical marketing principles and powerful examples.

Running your business is a lot like running a marathon. You don’t build your business by sprinting. You build it by being steady over the long run.

You don’t need to do every little thing perfectly. You just need to do them.

There is a myth that if you do what you love the money will follow. You should do something that you love, but the money will only follow if you also do some things that you hate.

An imperfect system is better than no system at all.

Marketing is about sending messages. Everything you do or don’t do sends a message.

Success is simple but never easy.

Branding is not about cute logos, pretty fonts or pantone colors. Branding is about building an emotional connection with your clients.

Some of the things in your business are frustrating, embarrassing and painful. That builds character. To build your business you need to build your character.

Talent runs hot and cold. Don’t rely on talent. Follow systems.

Success comes from doing little things consistently well over time. It’s not about the luck break.

Building a business is a race. But it is not about a race to the finish line – it is a race to keep running.

Your staff might be sabotaging your marketing message behind your back. Or even worse they might be sabotaging your message in front of you - and you are ignoring it.

You claim to be different from your competition – well what are you doing differently?

Watch what successful people do and don’t simply copy them. If you do you will always be a follower. Watch what successful people do and ask yourself, “Why do they do it that way?’

The above are marketing insights from a recent marketing presentation by George Torok. If you quote them - please be sure to quote the source - George Torok.

George Torok
Motivational Speaker
Co-author of Secrets of Power Marketing


Rafael Mauricio Menshhein said...

Wonderful post. Easy to understand but hard to do for some people, and when you find the focus you got great surprises and learn all the time.
Marketing is about act and learn forever.
I sorry about the people that don´t understand the philosophy inside marketing.

Rafael Mauricio Menshhein said...

I am here to tell you about my new post where I add your blog link inside the post.
I have to thank you and make this choice to show to the people how different is marketing around the world and you are a great marketing specialist and author.