Sunday, April 15, 2007

Marketing Has Many Parts

Marketing has many parts

Marketing is mostly science. Marketing is part art.

Marketing is bigger than most realize.
Marketing has many parts.
Marketing is more than advertising.
Marketing is more than public relations.
Marketing is more than sponsorship.
Marketing is more than networking.
Marketing is more than branding.
Marketing is more than customer service.
Marketing is more than database management.

Marketing is all of the above and more.

Marketing is everything that you do that sends messages about yourself.

George Torok
Motivational Speaker, Marketing Expert & Corporate Spokesperson


Chris Brown said...

Thanks for the post. It inspired me this morning for my blog today.

I think that marketing is also more than the messages you say, because I call that marketing communications. I think it's two way... market research, customer service, 800 #s, blog comments. I really think that good marketing is more about listening and less about talking so it's one of those "deep conversations" where you connect with your customers more than just on the first superficial level.

Just my opinion. And thanks for your post. It's almost like poetry!!

Chris Brown
Branding & Marketing blog

George Torok said...

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your comment. Happy to inspire you. I agree with your comment about "more about listening than talking".

On my Executive Speech Coach blog I pointed out that intraverts make better publics speakers than extraverts for that reason.

I enjoyed checking out your blog. Lots of good content and helpful links. Congrats!

George Torok