Monday, April 16, 2007

Marketing Fundamentals

Marketing Fundamentals

When ever things get complicated you can and must ground yourself and your decisions by returning to the fundamentals.

What are the fundamentals of marketing?
Remember these important marketing and business fundamentals.

  • Selling is the life blood of your business.
  • Marketing helps to circulate the blood.
  • Everything you do is marketing.
  • People buy what they want – not what they need.
  • We pay more for what we perceive to be more valuable.
  • A confused buyer does not buy.
  • An angry buyer does not buy.
  • We notice what is different.
  • We identify with what we already know.
  • We make most (if not all) of our buying decisions based on our emotions.

George Torok

Marketing consultant and keynote speaker

Co-author of Secrets of Power Marketing

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Rafael Mauricio Menshhein said...

Excellent post, sometimes we need dive into our souls and take the bases of knowledge and starts again to make the better work.
When you believe in everything you learn in your whole life you can see perfectly what you can do.