Saturday, April 07, 2007

Marketing Claim: Prove It

Marketing Claim: Prove it

Before you claim any title – be prepared to prove it – to the satisfaction of your clients.

If you were voted in a newspaper pole to be the “region’s best” – then be sure to state “as voted by readers of Gazette news. Don’t state “number one” by itself.

If you claim to be the countries leading expert or provider in your field have the metrics to back it up. And state those metrics. Your clients and prospects have the right to know what qualifies you for the title that you claim.

If you won the gold medal then state that. But don’t say that you are the world’s best. You could say that you are among the world’s best.

Notice that they called Wayne Gretzky “the Great one” – not the Greatest one.

Only Mohammed Ali got away with calling himself “The Greatest”. Who dared say anything different?

If you claim to be number one – tell us number one - by what measuring stick.

George Torok
Power Marketing

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Anonymous said...

Mohammed Ali was and still is the greatest!