Friday, March 02, 2007

Wasted Testimonials

Wasted Testimonial?

Do you want more raving testimonials from your clients?
If so – what will you do to get them?
If so – what will you do when you get them?
If so – what will you do with these raving testimonials?

After we had new windows installed on our house, I wrote the following raving testimonial letter to the company that sold us the windows. As you can tell we were very pleased.

Yet – I also felt unappreciated for writing this testimonial. We were happy with the product, service and price – but something was missing. After I went out of my way to complement them – they did not acknowledge nor thank me.

I even told the president that I am a marketing expert and suggested ways that he might use the testimonial – free marketing advice!

His lack of action made me feel unappreciated.

I said you were great and you couldn’t even say “thank you”.

I felt cheated.

What are you doing to get testimonials?
What are you doing to reward your testimonials?
How are you leveraging your testimonials?

The testimonial letter is below. The company name has been left out – because I am now embarrassed to mention them.


Window Company

We are delirious about our new windows.

Our experience with “your company” was a highly positive one. While shopping for windows we had in-depth “discussions” with representatives from at least eight different windows suppliers. Our initial meeting with you was both pleasurable and reassuring. You presented useful information and offered helpful ideas. And you did not pressure nor attempt to squeeze us the way many of the others did.

We were most impressed the day of the installation. Your installers arrived as scheduled. They were pleasant, courteous and professional. They appeared to be respectful of us, our house, and our wishes. I was impressed at how effectively, efficiently and diligently they worked.

At the end of the day we were very happy with the windows, the manner in which they were installed and the whole experience. We are happy to encourage anyone else to buy their windows from “your company”.

George Torok

PS: We left your sign on the lawn all week.


If you really want client testimonials – don’t waste the ones you receive.

George Torok
Power Marketing

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