Friday, March 16, 2007

Publicity For the Month of April

April is coming. How will you generate publicity while leveraging the dates and special events of April?

The following is an excerpt from the newsletter, "PR/PR PULSE" published by publicity expert Pam Lontos of PR/PR. You can subscibe to her newsletter and learn more about her publicity service at

Publicity Events For the Month of April

If your expertise fits any of these topics, take advantage by sending out apress release to newspaper, television and radio stations, or call up themedia directly!

For example, if you are an expert on customer service or an author with abook about customer service, you should contact the media before the firstweek of April to discuss International Customer Loyalty Month. You can pitchstories about surprising statistics you've researched or talk about howimproved customer relations can lead to repeat business and increasedprofits!

April is Celebrate Diversity Month.
A national observance that celebrates diversity in workplaces and communities.

April is International Customer Loyalty Month.
Created to honor and generate customer loyalty. This is something that should be done year-round, but take this time to strategize and develop new ways to improve relationships with your customers through better service and a higher quality business.

The first week in April is Laugh at Work Week.
Created to inform people ofthe importance of laughter and humor in the workplace. This improves productivity, teamwork, job satisfaction, stress relief and employee retention.

The second week in April is Explore Your Career Options Week
A week designed to urge Americans to recognize their unique talents and get a fresh start by taking stock of all your available options.

April 6th is Good Friday

April 8th is Easter Sunday

April 25th is Administrative Professional's Day

Reprinted from 'PR/PR Pulse,' a free e-zine featuring tips and techniquesfor gaining publicity. To receive this e-zine, please send an email with 'Add Me' in the subject line.

President: Pam Lontos


Rafael Mauricio Menshhein said...

Its a month to work full time, make difference and make the costumer happy.
Thank you again and thanks for the e-zine newsletter.

Anonymous said...

And let's not forget April Fool's day - April 1. It's a day that could tie into fun and creativity.

Happy April Fool's day!