Sunday, March 04, 2007

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George Torok


Anonymous said...


I read your article on the so-called effectiveness of the recent Ontario Energy Ministers 'FLICK OFF' campaign that incorporates shock value to attract it’s target market at the same time creating controversy among other demographic groups to give it ‘legs’. I must have to disagree with your assessment of the awareness campaign and believe it's strategy is deeply flawed for a number of reasons;

1. It totally smacks of manipulation and as we all know, the teen and young adult sector are most often repelled rather than attracted by these kind of exploitive techniques
2. It talks down to the market group making the assumption that the use of obscenity is the most direct and effective communication tool that can be employed for this type of message. Did they not employ focus groups to test this strategy or were they giddy at the prospect of all the press they were bound to receive?
3. It actually detracts from the key message. If you check out the official website, you’ll see that rather than a healthy debate on the environment you have the right and left duking it out over the morality issue of this campaign rather than teens talking about the issue at hand.
4. Marketing tools such as T-shirts, posters and stickers will and are not being allowed to reach the very target group they are after within the school system due to the provocative logo style and long time school policies regarding the wearing or displaying such messages. To make an exception for this campaign would be totally hypocritical.
5. Telling or reminding them to ‘flick off’ by use of a controversial logo will not translate into action. Real experiences that have an effect on or disrupt their day to day lifestyle will initiate change.

I am surprised that a man of your credentials would be so quick as to label this campaign a success given the obvious short-sightedness of the strategy.

John D.

George Torok said...

Hi John,

Some how your comment got duplicated. Oh well, you get twice the exposure.



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Motivational speaker said...

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