Sunday, March 18, 2007

Brand Trump

Brand Trump

Donald Trump is a strong brand.

His name, face and style are well recognized.

What words do you associate with the Donald Trump name?
Boldness, arrogance, big money, extravagance, self-indulgence, scrapper, business empire/emperor, bad hair…

Those are some that immediately came to my mind. You might think of others. It doesn’t matter. He has created a powerful brand.

What can we learn from his personal branding?

Donald Trump clearly follows the three principles of branding described by BJ Cunningham as reported in an earlier post on this blog:

1. Take a polarized position.
2. Make enemies.
3. Create tension

Does the Donald do those things? No question. Just consider these excerpts from a recent interview with the Donald as reported in the Toronto Star.

Donald Trump will be speaking for the Learning Annex in Toronto next weekend. He will be paid $1.5 Million for his presentation. That has got to be a record.

Donald Trump, “One and a half million, that’s all they’re paying. It’s not much, but I’m going to give it to charity.”

And then he talked about his spat with Rosie O’Donnell, co-host of the TV talk show, The View.

Donald Trump, “Everyone knows she’s a slob and I was the only person who fought against that big slob. She said she suffered from depression, I told her to stop looking in the mirror.”

“That solved her problem overnight.”

The man is clearly not into subtly or nuance. But he is a powerful brand.

Let’s review those brand principles:
Polarized position – check
Make Enemies – check
Create tension – check

I wonder how many more tickets that interview sold for the Learning Annex?

I had already ordered my tickets. I am looking forward to listening to my $1.5 Million speech. I’m sure I will have some comments to post about that experience.

If I change my hair do – watch out.

George Torok
Brand Power Marketing

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Rafael Mauricio Menshhein said...

I think that principles are perfects, but we can add another one: product management.
Because you need do manage your abilities, networks and relationships with the people who likes you.