Sunday, March 18, 2007

Brand Trump

Brand Trump

Donald Trump is a strong brand.

His name, face and style are well recognized.

What words do you associate with the Donald Trump name?
Boldness, arrogance, big money, extravagance, self-indulgence, scrapper, business empire/emperor, bad hair…

Those are some that immediately came to my mind. You might think of others. It doesn’t matter. He has created a powerful brand.

What can we learn from his personal branding?

Donald Trump clearly follows the three principles of branding described by BJ Cunningham as reported in an earlier post on this blog:

1. Take a polarized position.
2. Make enemies.
3. Create tension

Does the Donald do those things? No question. Just consider these excerpts from a recent interview with the Donald as reported in the Toronto Star.

Donald Trump will be speaking for the Learning Annex in Toronto next weekend. He will be paid $1.5 Million for his presentation. That has got to be a record.

Donald Trump, “One and a half million, that’s all they’re paying. It’s not much, but I’m going to give it to charity.”

And then he talked about his spat with Rosie O’Donnell, co-host of the TV talk show, The View.

Donald Trump, “Everyone knows she’s a slob and I was the only person who fought against that big slob. She said she suffered from depression, I told her to stop looking in the mirror.”

“That solved her problem overnight.”

The man is clearly not into subtly or nuance. But he is a powerful brand.

Let’s review those brand principles:
Polarized position – check
Make Enemies – check
Create tension – check

I wonder how many more tickets that interview sold for the Learning Annex?

I had already ordered my tickets. I am looking forward to listening to my $1.5 Million speech. I’m sure I will have some comments to post about that experience.

If I change my hair do – watch out.

George Torok
Brand Power Marketing

Friday, March 16, 2007

Publicity For the Month of April

April is coming. How will you generate publicity while leveraging the dates and special events of April?

The following is an excerpt from the newsletter, "PR/PR PULSE" published by publicity expert Pam Lontos of PR/PR. You can subscibe to her newsletter and learn more about her publicity service at

Publicity Events For the Month of April

If your expertise fits any of these topics, take advantage by sending out apress release to newspaper, television and radio stations, or call up themedia directly!

For example, if you are an expert on customer service or an author with abook about customer service, you should contact the media before the firstweek of April to discuss International Customer Loyalty Month. You can pitchstories about surprising statistics you've researched or talk about howimproved customer relations can lead to repeat business and increasedprofits!

April is Celebrate Diversity Month.
A national observance that celebrates diversity in workplaces and communities.

April is International Customer Loyalty Month.
Created to honor and generate customer loyalty. This is something that should be done year-round, but take this time to strategize and develop new ways to improve relationships with your customers through better service and a higher quality business.

The first week in April is Laugh at Work Week.
Created to inform people ofthe importance of laughter and humor in the workplace. This improves productivity, teamwork, job satisfaction, stress relief and employee retention.

The second week in April is Explore Your Career Options Week
A week designed to urge Americans to recognize their unique talents and get a fresh start by taking stock of all your available options.

April 6th is Good Friday

April 8th is Easter Sunday

April 25th is Administrative Professional's Day

Reprinted from 'PR/PR Pulse,' a free e-zine featuring tips and techniquesfor gaining publicity. To receive this e-zine, please send an email with 'Add Me' in the subject line.

President: Pam Lontos

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Brand Harley Davidson

Brand Harley Davidson

Read the mission statement of Harley Davidson, the motorcycle company.

“We fulfill dreams through the experience of motorcycling, by providing to motorcyclists and to the general public an expanding line of motorcycles and branded products and services in selected market segments.”

Harley Davidson is a strong brand. Why? Because of the emotion and imagery it evokes.

Say “Harley Davidson” and what do you see?
The quintessential motorcycle and some cool dudes.

Say Harley Davidson and what do you hear?
Vroom, vroom….

Say Harley Davidson and what do you smell?
A mixture of burning gasoline and oil – and leather.

Say “Harley Davidson” and what do you feel?
Depending on your perspective you will feel different emotions.
If you are not a motorcyclist you might feel fear, disgust or curiosity.
If you are a motorcyclist and you own a Harley you might feel pride.
If you are a motorcyclist and you do not own a Harley you might feel respect or envy.

Branding is about tugging at your senses. Harley Davidson is a powerful brand because it grabs the senses and evokes strong emotions. That is what a strong brand does. It had nothing to do with the logo, fonts and pantone colors. Yet that is what many advertising agencies and marketing minions waste their time on.

Branding is about evoking emotion. No other motorcycle evokes the emotion that Harley Davidson does. That is the power of branding.

Branding is about building emotional wants that triumph over petty logic.

Branding is about wants.

Branding is about making you doing illogical things.

No one needs a Harley Davidson motorcycle – but many want it.

Is your brand as strong as Harley Davidson? And what are you going to do about that/

George Torok
Power Marketing

Monday, March 05, 2007

Marketing in Brazil

Marketing in Brazil

Marketing is at different phases of development and understanding around the world. Definitions and perspectives vary based on differences in culture, politics and economics.

If you understand Portuguese or are from Brazil, then you might enjoy this Marketing Blog from Brazil.

Rafael M Menshhein is the Brazilian student who hosts this marketing blog.

“In my blog I try to clear people´s minds about this science called marketing, In Brazil marketing is growing up now. Its like a baby recently born and some people think the marketing is the same as publicity. I try to show that marketing is a great science and needs dedication, love and research to do the right thing.”

Visit his Portuguese blog on Marketing in Brazil.

George Torok

PS: I don’t understand Portuguese – but I do understand marketing.

PPS: I invite contact from marketing specialists in other countries.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Motivational Speaker Blog

Motivational Speaker Blog

Read about motivation.

Read how to be motivational when you speak.

Read about the challenges of motivational speaking

Motivational Speaker

George Torok

Friday, March 02, 2007

Wasted Testimonials

Wasted Testimonial?

Do you want more raving testimonials from your clients?
If so – what will you do to get them?
If so – what will you do when you get them?
If so – what will you do with these raving testimonials?

After we had new windows installed on our house, I wrote the following raving testimonial letter to the company that sold us the windows. As you can tell we were very pleased.

Yet – I also felt unappreciated for writing this testimonial. We were happy with the product, service and price – but something was missing. After I went out of my way to complement them – they did not acknowledge nor thank me.

I even told the president that I am a marketing expert and suggested ways that he might use the testimonial – free marketing advice!

His lack of action made me feel unappreciated.

I said you were great and you couldn’t even say “thank you”.

I felt cheated.

What are you doing to get testimonials?
What are you doing to reward your testimonials?
How are you leveraging your testimonials?

The testimonial letter is below. The company name has been left out – because I am now embarrassed to mention them.


Window Company

We are delirious about our new windows.

Our experience with “your company” was a highly positive one. While shopping for windows we had in-depth “discussions” with representatives from at least eight different windows suppliers. Our initial meeting with you was both pleasurable and reassuring. You presented useful information and offered helpful ideas. And you did not pressure nor attempt to squeeze us the way many of the others did.

We were most impressed the day of the installation. Your installers arrived as scheduled. They were pleasant, courteous and professional. They appeared to be respectful of us, our house, and our wishes. I was impressed at how effectively, efficiently and diligently they worked.

At the end of the day we were very happy with the windows, the manner in which they were installed and the whole experience. We are happy to encourage anyone else to buy their windows from “your company”.

George Torok

PS: We left your sign on the lawn all week.


If you really want client testimonials – don’t waste the ones you receive.

George Torok
Power Marketing