Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Networking or Socializing?

Are you Networking or are you Socializing?

Are you a member of a business networking group? Do you meet for breakfast, lunch or dinner? Have you been a member of this networking group for awhile and are you wondering if it is still worthwhile? Have you fallen into bad habits?

If the purpose of your networking group is to generate business then generating business should clearly be on your mind when you attend. And yes, you need to build relationships with your fellow network members.

There is no question; networking has a personal aspect along with the business purpose. That is because we would rather help, refer and do business with people we like.

The question is “How personal should your networking be and are you missing the business objective?” Is your networking becoming too much of a social thing?

You might be socializing if:

You sit with the same people every time.

You have the same conversation with people every time.

You find that you are listening to too many stupid jokes.

You listen to folks complain about personal issues.

You stop approaching new people.

There are no new people.

You make no notes during the event.

You leave feeling more down than when you arrived.

You are relieved to leave.

You don’t’ think about anyone after you leave.

Don’t let your socializing get in the way of your networking.

George Torok

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