Monday, February 19, 2007

Ghost Rider Marketing

Ghost Rider Marketing

Ghost Rider, another comic character from Marvel Comics becomes a movie. For Marvel Comic fans a reason to rejoice. For action starved movie goers a reason to plunk down another $10 to $20 for 2 hours of fictional escape and dazzling graphics. For savvy marketers another incredible marketing opportunity.

How is your product or service like Johnny Blaze or his alter ego Ghost Rider? Or how is your product or service not like Johnny Blaze and Ghost Rider?

How can you leverage the attention on the launch of the Ghost Rider movie to help market or sell your product?

How can you connect with Ghost Rider to leverage your marketing?

The obvious connection is the motorcycle. Johnny Blaze is a motorcycle stunt rider and Ghost Rider rides a flaming motorcycle. So if you sell motorcycles – duh!

Johnny Blaze’s motivation to sell his soul to the devil was love. That could be an interesting angle for companies selling products and services catering to couples, lovers and singles. That might include restaurants, vacations, spas, lingerie and jewelers.

Ghost Rider is the Spirit of Vengeance. If you are a lawyer, social worker or marriage consular you could warn about the dangers and cost of pursuing vengeance.

If you sell security systems – you might offer a Ghost Rider special – to keep out the evil undesirables.

Ghost Rider’s flaming skull might represent the dependability of your heating system, the spice of your peppers or the warmth of your hot tubs.

If you are a consultant, advisor or teacher you will note that when dealing with strange new challenges – one needs help and guidance.

If you are a parent you might remind your children to be careful of who they hang around with and what promises they make.

The Ghost Rider movie is a marketing opportunity for you.

George Torok
A Ghost Rider comic book reader since the 70’s

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