Monday, January 08, 2007

Marketing Truths

Marketing is about sending messages
Everything you do or don’t do sends a message. Your customer service, policies, telephone manner, community presence, supplier relationships, are all marketing. Marketing is much more than advertising.

Marketing is about building relationships
We would rather buy from those we know and like. Marketing is how you help prospects know and like you. Marketing builds and maintains the relationship that keeps them coming back for more.

Marketing is long term
The pay back on your marketing of today might happen next week, next month or next year. In some businesses the cycle could be even longer.

Marketing is part art, part science
Effective marketing is built on systematic principles. The delivery of your marketing is differentiated by your personal flair.

Marketing is always happening – whether you intend it or not
Some business owners claim they don’t do marketing. Nonsense! Everything you do is marketing.

Marketing is everyone’s role and responsibility
It might be easier to identify your sales staff as the ones who close the deals. You are missing the point if you think marketing is the sole responsibility of your “marketing department”. Everyone in your company is marketing, from the delivery-van driver to the accounts payable clerk, to the production foreman.

Marketing is everything you do that makes it easier to sell
Good marketing helps you close deals. Bad marketing wastes money and kills deals.

Marketing is occurring on both a direct and indirect level
The Facts and the Feeling.
The Intellect and the Emotion.
The Look and the Smell.
The Realities and the Perceptions.

It is the second part of each of these comparisons that moves people.

George Torok
Power Marketing

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Rafael said...

Marketing is about make evetything with love and deliver the best product or service to costumers.
Marketing works when you do what the costumer needs and get fidelity.
To be the great professional of marketing you need to be like a monk and a samuray at the same time.