Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bad to Worst - Website breakin

Just when I thought that the worst thing that could happen to my websites was to have them down - it gets worst.

Two of my websites were hacked and substituted with the hacker's graffiti.

I feel like a train car plastered with graffiti tags. It feels like a personal infraction, a personal foul - an incursion into my space.

Futher insult to injury has been the lack of communication from my webhost over the past couple weeks of problems. This one is only the latest.

The first time I discovered this hacking - I cursed. Then I showed a couple of friends and laughed. Now I am planning to move my sites to new hosts.

Customers always vote best with their feet. Just because your customers are not yelling at you doesn't mean they are happy or returning.

George Torok

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