Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Marketing Test: So What?

Does your marketing material stink?

Let’s be more direct -- Does your marketing material suck?

You might not like that question. But it is an important question for you to hear and ponder. The more you ask that question the more money you will save.

Even more important is the question, “So What?” This question will save you a huge amount of money. Look at what you are saying and view it from the mind of your prospects while asking the question, “So What?”

Don’t be afraid of that question. Learn to ask it more often.

Consider this:

Your marketing material states that you’ve been in business for 10 years. So what?
What does that mean to your prospect?

You offer a round-the-clock help line. So what?
What does that mean to your client?

You have a big showroom. So What?

You have clean uniforms for your staff. So What?

Test all your marketing statements against this question, “So what?”

George Torok
Power Marketing

Monday, October 16, 2006

Breakfast Networking

Breakfast is a good time for networking. Why? Because it is a good way to start your day - focused on building your business. Also breakfast is an inexpensive meal and the meeting need not go on too long – unlike dinner. Lunch is a good second choice for networking meetings.

One-on-one or small-group breakfast meetings are even more effective for exploring and building business relationships.

A large business group breakfast is another type of networking meeting.

Meeting with a networking group can be an effective way of building your business. Or it could be a huge waste of your time. The business success that you get from your networking group depends mostly on you and partly on the nature of the group.

Recently I attended a breakfast meeting for a local networking group as their guest speaker. It was a delicious buffet breakfast. They had the typical agenda: networking time, breakfast, self-introductions to the group, guest speaker, special announcements and finish by nine. A reasonably tight agenda.

However, while eating, I was disappointed by the discussion around my breakfast table. The discussion was frivolous and negative. My tablemates talked about petty things - like the bank representative who complained about her office with no windows. The others found other things to complain about. As I listened in dismay I wondered how this discussion would help any of them get more business.

They seemed to miss the whole point of this networking breakfast – to develop their networks so they could get more business.

Perhaps they thought that networking was an on-stage thing. That they are only networking when they deliver their 30-second introduction. Maybe they believed that while eating breakfast they were not networking.

The reality of networking is that while in small groups over breakfast you have a captive audience to develop your networking relationships. This group squandered their opportunity and they might have irreparably damaged their image amongst that intimate group. Who wants to be remembered as a whiner and complainer?

It was a good thing that the breakfast was delicious – and the guest speaker was fabulous.

When it comes to networking – you are always on-stage.

Develop your networking with “Your Guide to Networking Success”.

George Torok
Power Marketing

Friday, October 13, 2006

Fortinos - Lettuce and Tomatoes but no Heart

Follow-up to my post of August 16, 2006 regarding Fortinos Grocery store.

I heard nothing from Fortinos and I did more digging into the Fortinos website. I wanted to send an email to a person at Fortinos - I could not find a person to contact on the Fortinos website. Yes I did find a warm story about John Fortinos the entrepreneur who started the store (they did not mention the date).

But no contact information.

I clicked on “About Us” and there is no “us” as in people - just corporate drivel. (Read my earlier post regarding About Us)

Click down on “Work with us” and it tells you to contact your local store – but not how.

“Talk to Us”
That seemed like a good tab to click on. Here is what I found on that page:

Loblaw Companies Ltd.
1 President's Choice Circle
Brampton, ONL6Y 5S5
Attention: Fortinos Customer Relations Centre
2nd Floor, North Tower

Customer Relations Centre: Toll Free 1-800-565-9690
Customer Relations Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday 8:30am-5:00pm
Fax: 905-861-2387


Notice: no names, no easy way to contact them.
Nothing personal about “Talk to Us”

If you want to contact Fortinos you must write a letter and mail it to their corporate office care of Loblaws or call their anonymous “Customer Relations Centre”. None of that is encouraging or inviting.

It is a good thing that there are many choices on where to buy groceries.

“Your supermarket with a heart”
That is their slogan – a great line. But like most creative marketing lines – a lot is lost in the delivery. Was the slogan created by an ad agency without checking out the store? Do the managers remind themselves and their staff about this slogan?

Any slogan without the heart behind it is wasted.

When I visit the Fortinos grocery store I can easily find the lettuce and tomatoes.
But where is the heart in Fortinos?

George Torok
Power Marketing

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

New Marketing Articles

What’s new on my Power Marketing site? Here are three new articles about marketing – online and offline.

You can read the introductions below then click over to the Power Marketing site to read them. If you publish articles, online or offline, feel free to reprint them – free. Be sure to follow the reprint conditions as shown; mainly giving me credit, including my short bio and contact information.


Blog - Questions and Answers

Answers to these 11 questions about blogs:
Why should you have a blog?
What is a blog?
Where did it come from?
What can a blog do for you?
The nature of blogs?
What might you write on your blog?
Why use a blog instead of a regular website?
Why do search engines like blogs?
Where do you start?
The mistake?

What should you do now? Read More. (1007 words)

Networking or Sweatworking?

Yes, I believe that networking works.
Yes, networking can be frustrating – even when you are doing the right things. It’s more frustrating when you are doing the wrong things, and even more frustrating when you are not sure if you’re doing the right things. Read More. (547 words)

Is your website working hard enough for you?

If you want to reap the highest return on your website consider these important questions. Why do you want a website? What is the purpose? How do you expect this investment to make you or save you money? Read More. (1076 words)

George Torok
Power Marketing

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Marketing Articles for you

Here are a few of the marketing articles published on my marketing website,

Build Credibility, Value and Trust on a Shoestring Setting priorities in your business? Your first job is to sell. Selling is - writing the orders; receiving the cash; feeding the beast. Your second priority is marketing. Marketing is taming and grooming the beast. Marketing is everything that makes it easier to sell. Use these low-budget techniques to build credibility, value and trust on a more (982 words)

Secrets from David Copperfield David Copperfield - live at the MGM Grand Hotel Las Vegas! You might be fascinated to know what I discovered behind the curtain. Watching a master at work inspired me to do more than just watch - to observe and learn. I can reveal to you the secrets of David Copperfield that you can apply in your more (1079 words)

Systems for Success What does it take to succeed? How many times have you asked that question of yourself and others? You may have heard many different answers. I have found one thing that successful people have in common. They use more (955 words)

Shoestring Marketing:Where to Save and Where Not Time to save money on your marketing? How can you do that and still get effective results? First, avoid five big mistakes that many make. Then use the nine more (979 words)

Secrets of Power Marketing:Your Guide to Personal Marketing "Secrets of Power Marketing: Promote Brand You" is a refreshing guide for individuals who have already discovered the fallacy of the better mousetrap. If you cling to the 'better mousetrap theory' don't read this book. This is a personal guide for you to market yourself, your association and your more (960 words)

George Torok
Power Marketing

Monday, October 02, 2006

Excerpt from Networking Success

Excerpt from…

Your Guide to Networking Success
Principles, Strategies, Techniques, Examples and Tips to help you Get More Business by Building Stronger, More Profitable Networks.

Time is the only non-renewable resource. Use it wisely.
-Peter Urs Bender

1. Maximize your time and message

How do you get more from your networking time? Plan your networking both strategically and tactically.

Create a networking plan that fits your business plan. Choose networking groups that fit your plan. In selecting your networking groups ask yourself these questions. Who do you want to do business with? Who do you want to associate with? Who do you want to be known by? Who can help you do more business?

The best groups to join and visit are those your best prospects belong to. Some associations allow supplier members. That is letting the fox in the henhouse.

The next best is one where you will find possible allies or advocates. These are people who because of their positions might influence others to do business with you. This might be a referral, “I heard they were looking…”, “You can use my name...”, or an endorsement and direct introduction.

The third-best networking groups are ones where you might find second best prospects, secondary referrals and social contacts.

Some groups might be a combination of these three types.

Read the rest of the book: Your Guide to Networking Success

George Torok
Power Marketing