Monday, July 31, 2006

Hot & Humid

We are experiencing unusually hot and humid weather - Temperatures around 30 degrees Centigrade and 60% humidity. I was dripping sweat just walking early this morning.

What a marketing opportunity!

Consider the marketing events you might schedule in this type of weather. Here are some ideas to create publicity, survive the humidity and have fun:

  • Put a free lemonade stand in front of your shop. Ask for donations that are given to a local charity

  • Put inflatable kiddie pools on the front lawn. Fill them with ice and invite contestants to sit in the ice.

  • Fry an egg on the sidewalk

  • Give away paper fans

  • Collect and Post a list of ideas to stay cool (on your website, on a sign, on flyers)

  • Interview experts on the best foods to eat and drink

  • Invite people to finish the phrase – Johnny Carson style – “it was so hot…”

    Marketing Point:
    Leverage everything that happens as a marketing opportunity.

    George Torok
    Power Marketing

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Media Friendly

Make your website media friendly

Create a media section on your website. This demonstrates that you are willing to talk to the media. Yes, I know the media can sometimes be cynical and might not use what they find in your media section. Showing that you respect and are willing to work with the media is more than a good start.

Many will use your words. In fact it will surprise you when some of the media use your propaganda word-for-word. It has happened to me. Sometimes you get lucky.

So, how do you make your website media friendly?
Below are some ways you can make your site more media friendly along with links to examples of how to do just that.

Post all your news releases on your website.

Post a collection of your media appearances – radio, TV and print.

Provide fodder for new stories.

Include photos and logos.

Include mock interviews.

Include a FAQ section.

Tell the media how to contact you – by phone, email and snail mail.

Maintain a blog for your informal comments (like this one).

George Torok
Power Marketing
Business in Motion
Speech Coach for Executives

Monday, July 24, 2006

Improve Your Marketing Story

Marketing is about sending messages that make it easier for you to sell.

The best messages are stories. Branding is building a good story.

Tell a good story to grab attention, convey value and stay memorable.

You can learn how to tell better stories in your presentations by listening in on the teleseminar, “How to Create and Tell Better Stories”.

Learn more about the next teleseminar - July 27, 2006.

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Be a better speaker when you are a better storyteller.

George Torok
Power Marketing

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Wanted - More Best Customers

Power Marketing Tip

Promote Brand You!

Don’t be fooled into believing that logos, artwork and slogans are your brand. This myth is perpetuated by hungry hordes of designers, marketing consultants and “branding experts”.

Images, colors and words are not your brand. They might be symbols of your brand, but they are not the brand.

Don’t fall in love with your symbols. Changing your symbols is no big deal – changing your brand is huge. For that reason choose your brand very carefully. Change it very thoughtfully.

What is brand?
The answer to that question is better understood after we consider, “What can brand do for you?”

A good brand helps you charge more money, sell more to clients and bring in more new clients. What will do that consistently? Not promotion. Not price cuts. Not cute business cards.

Emotion. How people feel about you. That is brand. Emotion drives most of our decisions – even the “logical” ones.

The neat thing about brand is that you don’t even need to describe it in the exact words that your clients do. As long as they are feeling what you want them to feel. Feelings are individual and we don’t all verbalize them the same way.

For example:

What is the Nike brand?
To me it means winners. Why else would Tiger Woods and Roger Federer wear the swoosh?

What is the Coke brand?
To me it is feeling good about the status quo. Why else did so many Coke drinkers rebel at the introduction of New Coke?

What is Madonna’s brand?
To me it is being provocative. Even though some describe her as constantly “rebranding” herself.

What is your brand?
What do you want your market to feel about you? Get that straight first. The pantone colors, fonts and clever slogans are the easy part.

Tell me how this tip helped you. I will add your comments to my website. Email me directly at

PS: The best marketers are great story-tellers. Creating and telling powerful stories is one of the most effective ways of building your brand. A well told story grabs emotional heart-strings. Learn how. Listen to this teleseminar - How to Create and Tell your Stories. (for more info click here)

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Monday, July 17, 2006

How to Create Content for your Blog

The keys to a successful blog are: relevance, frequent updates and practicality.

How can you create the content for your blog?

Here are a few examples:

Tips lists

Article introductions – two paragraphs that link to an article

Interviews with other experts – three to five questions

Q & A with you – tell us what you often get asked

Book reviews – who do you learn from

Comments on recent events and news


News Releases

Your mistake or lesson of the week – what did you learn this week?

Your frustration of the week – this is an easy one

Your recent success – tell us what excited you

George Torok
Power Marketing

Monday, July 10, 2006

Marketing System

When I am asked, “What is the most important element in a successful marketing program?”

My answer is, “Following a good marketing system.”

I have found that following a system is critical to success in any field – including marketing.

Too many people fail when they try to run their life, their business or their marketing by the seat of their pants. They make the mistake of believing that luck, talent and flitting about will pull them through.

What a mistake and what a shame.

If you want to appreciate the power of systems – go to Las Vegas. Watch what the casinos do. They follow good systems. And they clean up.

The fundamentals for a good system are the same in any field.

Rules to a Good System
1. A system is a process. It is the means to the end. It is not the goal.

2. A system is built on a key principle or set of principles.

3. A system is a set of habits and routines. Almost like a series of logic statements; if this – then that. A system must not depend on how you feel.

4. A system must be persistent and consistent.

Follow these four rules and you will build good systems.

Remember that an imperfect system is always better than no system. So start building your systems because that will lead to more success for you.

To build better marketing systems – read the book, Secrets of Power Marketing.

To implement better marketing systems call George Torok at 905-335-1997.

George Torok
Power Marketing

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Marketing Articles

Marketing Articles for Your Publication

If you are the editor of a newsletter or magazine then you may reprint these posts in your publication.

If you are not the editor then you might help your editor by pointing out this valuable resource of marketing articles. There are dozens that you can choose from.

You can also reprint from longer, more formal marketing articles for your publication.
Most of these articles range from 500 to 1,200 words.

The two sources for these articles are:

Torok Library

Power Marketing

You may reprint these articles in your publication at no charge as long as you do not resell the article and that you include the contact information of the author.

All rights are reserved by the author, George Torok.

George Torok
Power Marketing

PS: George Torok is the co-author of the national bestseller, Secrets of Power Marketing.
He has written and published over 200 articles.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Marketing Stories

Good marketers are good storytellers. Great marketers are great storytellers.

I said storytellers – not liars. There is a difference.

A storyteller conveys a message in an interesting and entertaining way. A story engages, clarifies and sticks in the mind of the listener. A well-told story stimulates visual images and touches emotions.

Think of some memorable childhood stories like The Night Before Christmas, the Cat in The Hat, and Jack and Jill.

Why did those stories touch you and why did you remember them so well? Notice how little logic has to do with any of these powerful stories. Imagine if your marketing messages worked as well. They can if you learn to tell great stories.

Telling marketing stories and telling stories as a public speaker have a lot in common.

Great leaders use stories to inspire.
Great sellers use stories to persuade.
Problem solvers use stories to find common ground.

You can learn how to create and deliver great stories by listening in to the teleseminar on Thursday July 27, 2006.

It will take just one hour but the information you gain will transform your ability to tell more great stories.

Register for this teleseminar now.

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George Torok

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