Thursday, December 21, 2006

Santa Claus: Corporate Spokesperson

Have you noticed how many businesses use Santa Claus as their corporate spokesperson at Christmas?

Coke started this in 1931 by presenting a new image of Santa – the roly-poly jolly fella we recognize as Santa in North America today. Before this Coke advertising campaign Santa was not fat, did not wear a red suit and did not have reindeer.

What can you learn from that as marketers?

1. A successful marketing campaign can radically change the perception of the public.

2. Mythical figures are free resources for your marketing.

3. You are responsible for the images you create.

George Torok
Power Marketing
Corporate Spokesperson


Anonymous said...

Create a new character needs a lot of money and great advertising strategy to make the people buy this idea and associate the brand and character.
Coke have a mythical element like Santa and uses for Christmas because the people knows who is Santa.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but there are PLENTY of mythological figures we readily identify with (Pegasus, Dragons, Poseidon, Jupiter, Mars, King Arthur, etc.) that do NOT take great amonts of money to cultivate. Now, connecting your product to those charaters may take some imagination and creativity, but it can be done.