Thursday, December 14, 2006

Networking – the Magic of Questioning

To build a profitable network you must first understand and master the power of questioning. You must prepare and ask good questions. You must anticipate and prepare for questions. You need to ask yourself questions. A good networker asks good questions. Networking without good questioning is doomed to failure.

You must prepare and ask good questions
Good questions will help you target the prime prospects that you want in your network. Good questions asked well will engage your prospect. It will make them think. It might make them laugh. It will help them remember you. And it will help them to help you. Good questions demonstrate forethought. Good questions don’t happen by accident. Don’t try to wing it. Networking can be a big investement of time. Successful networking can be very profitable for you. Why would you wing anything so important?

You must anticipate and prepare for questions
If you were summoned to a job interview you would think about and prepare answers to the questions you think you will be asked. A networking event is a job interview. Think about, anticipate and prepare good answers for the questions you might get. I met a financial planner at a networking event. She had a catchy opening line. Then I asked her what books on financial planning she based her advice on. Her halting reply was that she did not support any of the books out there. What a ridiculous answer. That ended the conversation as I dismissed her.

You need to ask yourself questions
These questions are most important to the success of your networking. Before you start networking ask yourself about your purpose. What do you want your networking to do for you? How will you make your networking as productive as possible?

Some folks are afraid of questions. Why? Maybe they have something to hide. Maybe they are afraid to grow. People who want to grow are learners and learners are people who ask lots of questions. Albert Einstein continually asked difficult questions of others and especially of himself. Einstein would have been an incredibly effective networker.

Successful networking is about asking good questions.

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George Torok
Power Marketing


Anonymous said...

Too many people ask dumb questions like, "How's business?"

Instead they should ask questions like, "How can I help you?"

james said...

Anyone new to someone will pose a lot of questions, if you can't answer them then you don't have enough knowledge about the subject in my opinion.