Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Signs

Election signs

What is the purpose of election signs – specifically lawn signs?

Are lawn signs an effective marketing tool for politicians and would-be politicians? Or are all these prospects promising change while marketing themselves this way because it’s always been done this way?

If someone promises change yet they use the same tools in the same way as everyone else has for decades – how serious is that person about change? Ask them when (if) they knock on your door. And as a marketer are you doing the same things in the same way as your competition but spouting false promises of being different?

We are less than two weeks from voting day and I have spoken to only one candidate at my door. This in spite of the fact that I will cast my vote for four different positions – each with at least four candidates running. Of at least 16 candidates only one thought to try and talk to me. Where is everyone else? And where will they be when I need to call them?

Are lawn signs intended to get the name out there? Do the candidates hope that voters will think “Never heard of this candidate but I saw the name on my neighbours’ lawn therefore I will vote for him.”

Do many lawn signs convince folks to vote for the one with the most lawn signs?
(I don’t know much about the issues, but I trust my neighbours.)

Is the theory of lawn signs that the last name I noticed on Election Day is the one for whom I will vote?

Are lawn signs used because it is the cheapest form of advertising?

So my big question is this.
Are lawn signs a good form of marketing? Imagine if the local restaurant, dry cleaner, hair dresser, video store or car dealer used lawn signs? Promote a grand opening, special sale or product launch with neighbourhood lawn signs. It would be different. Offer a gift to everyone who allows you to place a sign on their lawn.

If lawn signs work for politicians – one of the most difficult commodities to market – the lawn signs might work for other products and services.

George Torok
Power Marketing

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