Thursday, September 07, 2006

Networking or Sweatworking

Yes, I believe that networking works.

Yes, I can give you examples of how networking helped my career and my business.

No, networking is not a quick fix.

Yes, networking can be frustrating – even when you are doing the right things. It’s more frustrating when you are doing the wrong things, and even more frustrating when you are not sure if you are doing the right things.

What is the most common mistake in networking?

The myth is in thinking that networking is an event.

The reality is that networking is a process.

Perhaps you have attended a networking event and witnessed “Mr Power Networker” in action. He runs around the room distributing his business card like a cheap flyer. He shakes as many hands as he can, spewing his 30 second commercial then pouncing quickly on the next victim.

This misguided networker is not networking – he is sweatworking. He is sweating as he works the room. He believes that he is doing good – because he believes in the mantra – “no pain, no gain”. And he knows this is painful and sweaty work. He just doesn’t realize how much pain he might be inflicting on others. After the event he sweats by the phone and wonders why nobody calls.

Networking is a strategic process.

To be more successful at networking you need to formulate and follow a plan. Any good plan includes goal definition, systematic processes, resource allocation and skill development.

A good network can give you a strategic advantage over your competition. Yes, networking takes time and patience. When you follow a good networking system you will be better rewarded for your preparation.

Yes, you will still attend some networking events – but you will make better use of them. You will prepare for each event and follow up. You will net more and sweat less.

These insights from:
Your Guide to Networking Success

George Torok
Power Marketing

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