Friday, September 22, 2006

Be available to the media

A common myth that I hear from business owners is, “The media hates business”.

That is not true. The media is a business. Why would it hate business?

However, the media is a business that most other business owners don’t understand.

I saw this demonstrated in a recent news article. The article announced the entry of a relatively unknown (I never heard of him), local business owner running for political office. The article sounded like it was picking content from a news release. It was boring stuff, nothing that convinced me of this candidate’s capability or commitment. The last line of the article stated that the new candidate was unavailable for comment.

Not a good start to a political campaign. A political wannabe who is “unavailable for comment” does not understand the power of the media.

The media operates on deadlines. When you send a news release to the media – be available.

PS: My early prediction in this political race is: This candidate will not win the seat.

George Torok
Power Marketing

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